Uniform Brands Performance Check 2017

Uniform Brands Performance Check 2017

Uniform Brands B.V. has met most of FWF’s performance requirements in 2016. With a monitoring percentage of 93% Uniform Brand meets the required monitoring threshold for members after three years of membership. With a score of 54 points, Uniform Brands falls in the ‘good’ category.

Uniform Brands’ main production facility is in Tunisia, with several satellite locations in the region to support its production. A considerable amount also comes from factories in low-risk countries Hungary and Portugal. In 2016, it sourced small production volumes from suppliers in China and Bangladesh.Uniform Brands has long-term relationship with most of these suppliers.

The main supplier in Tunisia and two subcontractors were audited in 2016. Results showed issues concerning wages, health and safety and a lack of awareness of labour rights, the FWF Code of Labour Practices, and the FWF worker helpline. A WEP-basic training session was organised at the main Tunisian supplier to increase awareness of management and workers; however, follow up at the subcontractors took a very long time. Uniform Brands should ensure that active and immediate remediation is done after an audit.

Uniform Brands had small production volumes at several Chinese and Bangladeshi suppliers. The brand is aware of subcontractors in China and Bangladesh. The Bangladeshi subcontractor is a member of the Bangladeshi Accord on Fire and Building Safety, while the main Bangladeshi supplier is not. The Accord audit reports show the subcontractor’s progress on fire safety and health and safety issues,
but critical issues were still found. Uniform Brands did not actively follow up on the audit reports. In case Uniform Brands resumes production at those suppliers, it needs to ensure that it properly conducts human rights due diligence.

FWF requires Uniform Brands to ensure that a signed copy of the FWF questionnaire is received and the FWF Code of Labour Practices is posted prior to placing orders at any new factories. Uniform Brands also needs to follow up faster and more actively in case factories do not pay at least the legal minimum wage, as was the case at one of its Tunisian subcontractors. Also, Uniform Brands should ensure that active and immediate remediation is done after an audit.

Read more about Uniform Brands on its company page.


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