Van Lier Performance Check 2017

Van Lier Performance Check 2017

For its 2016/17 financial year, Van Lier met most of FWF’s performance requirements. With a monitoring threshold of 92%, the company meets FWF requirement for the second year of membership. In the Brand Performance Check Van Lier reached 55 points, placing it in the “Good” category.

Van Lier produces most of its shoes in low-risk countries where it meets most of FWF requirements regarding monitoring. Van Lier’s Director of Operations and the Production Manager visit factories at least twice a year and even more for productions locations located in Portugal. The production locations that were visited in the previous financial year carry 92% of production volume.

However, Van Lier should start addressing overtime and living wage issues, and support factories in raising workers’ awareness about their rights. Van Lier is encouraged to collect and follow-up on audit reports for all its suppliers, including those in low risk countries. Besides, an evaluation system of both its suppliers and its FWF membership, should be implemented to mitigate risks and evaluate improvements of the implementation of the Code of Labour Practices in its supply chain.

Read more about Van Lier in its company page.


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