Van Puijenbroek Performance Check 2014

Van Puijenbroek Performance Check 2014

Van Puijenbroek meets most of FWF’s management system requirements and goes beyond several. Van Puijenbroek’s benchmarking score of 80 is very high.

The brand’s monitoring percentage, at 84%, is just below the 90% required for brands with 3+ years of membership. The monitoring score is due to the opening of a new, fully-owned factory late in 2013. FWF strongly encourages members to own their factories when possible, as it provides clear accountability for working conditions. Van Puijenbroek has already made plans for their new factory to be audited in 2014. Because the lower-than-required monitoring score is the result of a positive development, Van Puijenbroek is awarded ‘Good’ status.

Van Puijenbroek has documented that it takes social compliance into account when selecting new suppliers. The company has a robust system for production planning and monitoring in place. Van Puijenbroek is participating in a FWF project on living wages and productivity in Macedonia. If Van Puijenbroek maintains this level of effort, and reaches 90% monitoring as planned, they would be on track to achieve Leader status next year.



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