Van Puijenbroek Performance Check 2016

Van Puijenbroek Performance Check 2016

Van Puijenbroek meets most of FWF’s management system requirements. With a monitoring percentage of 92% it meets the required threshold of 90% (required after more than three years of FWF membership).

In its 150th year of existence, Van Puijenbroek had a stable year due to a recovering market in the second half of the year. At the start of the year, order entry was lower than before, but Van Puijenbroek ensured that factories kept producing and workers had sufficient work. Products were kept in stock and used to fulfill the demand of the recovering market later in the year.

Van Puijenbroek has a stable supplier base of five main suppliers in Macedonia and Tunisia, where satellite production facilities support its main production. At its main suppliers, Van Puijenbroek should be commended for the fact that it has put a lot of effort in improving and monitoring working conditions. They know the locations very well and visit them frequently. The company has also worked on improving its monitoring percentage, bringing it up to above 90%.

Making steps on wages in bringing them to a living wage level as one of the more complex issues remains as area for the coming period.
Van Puijenbroek has a lower benchmark score compared to last year due to the fact that on-garment communication was found and it had not followed up fully on last years’ requirement to ensure and show that all factories had a FWF Code of Labour Practice posted including the suppliers with which it works incidentally.


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