HAVEP Performance Check 2017

In 2016, HAVEP met most of FWF’s performance requirements. With 93% of its supply base under monitoring, HAVEP meets the threshold for member companies in their 3rd+ year of membership. However, when it comes to the tail end of HAVEP’s supplier base, FWF also requires HAVEP to ensure it audits all production locations that are responsible for over 2% of its production volume as well as those where it is responsible for over 10% of the location’s production capacity. HAVEP has reached a benchmarking score of 60, placing them in the ‘Good’ category.

HAVEP has a stable supplier base, with six main suppliers in Macedonia and Tunisia. It maintains long-term relationships with these suppliers and is in regular communication with them via weekly visits by its local staff. HAVEP has strong production planning systems in place and works closely with suppliers to adjust orders when necessary. HAVEP also knows the cost-per-minute for each of its garments, which helps to ensure that orders placed are feasible.

In late 2016, the CEO, who was responsible for FWF membership and for communicating with the local staff and suppliers about progress and remediation, left the organisation. Due to this, a systematic method of ensuring supplier compliance with the FWF Code of Labour Practices and follow-up on CAPs could not be demonstrated during the Brand Performance Check. Without a system in place to consistently check and update progress at the suppliers, it is difficult for HAVEP and FWF to verify that improvements are being made. These factors also contributed to the decrease in the company’s benchmarking score in comparison to 2015. Additionally, HAVEP had not fully followed up on the previous years’ requirements to ensure and show that all factories had a FWF Code of Labour Practice posted and are complying with the FWF Communication Policy.

FWF encourages HAVEP to continue developing systems for monitoring the social compliance of its suppliers and training internal staff on these processes to ensure consistency and progress.


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