Vaude Performance Check 2014

VAUDE Performance Check 2014
Vaude has strong internal systems which lead to a high benchmarking score, however only 72% of production volume was under monitoring in 2013, short of the 90% requirement for brands at 3+ years of membership. The low monitoring score is linked to a process of reducing the number of suppliers, something FWF encourages.
This activity, combined with the high score, has lead FWF to award Vaude a ‘Good’ rating for 2013, with the provision that it must reach the 90% monitoring threshold in 2014.
Vaude has established strong, integrated systems at company level. Due to full-time staff in Asia and frequent travels from Europe to the production sites, Vaude’s CSR team has in-depth knowledge about its production sites. Monitoring and remediation of findings at the production sites is a joint effort of all staff in close contact to the production sites.
A wage analysis using FWF audit reports and wage ladders showed that wages at Vaude’s production sites are on average 50% higher than legal minimums in China and 100% higher in Vietnam. In both countries, average wages at these suppliers are approaching Asia Floor Wage, with an approximately 20% differential remaining.
In 2012/13, Vaude participated in a FWF study with other outdoor companies to assess the impact of hypothetical increases towards living wage benchmarks.
All five complaints filed by workers were followed up on immediately and appropriately; two have been resolved and three are still under investigation. Vaude has taken the lead in following up corrective actions and complaints at shared suppliers with other FWF affiliates. Several of Vaude’s production sites have participated in FWF’s Workplace Education Programme.

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