Vaude Performance Check 2015

VAUDE performance check 2015
Vaude has implemented most of FWF’s management system requirements and goes beyond some. A structured and detailed evaluation of suppliers forms a crucial basis for sourcing decisions. The company has consolidated its supplier base in the past 3 years, limiting itself to a selected number of nominated suppliers in China and Vietnam.
With audits conducted by FWF teams, Vaude has been able to bring its monitoring threshold to 96% which meets FWF requirements for brands at 3+ years of membership. Vaude has established strong, integrated systems at company level.
Due to full-time staff in Asia and frequent travels from Vaude staff to the production sites, Vaude’s CSR team has in-depth knowledge about its production sites. Monitoring and remediation of findings at the production sites is a joint
effort of all staff in close contact with the production sites. In the follow up of CAPs Vaude local staff verify the feedback from factory managers by among others speaking to workers about the implementation.
Vaude has identified working hours, wages and freedom of association as the biggest challenges specific to their supply chain. In 2014 Vaude has conducted a wage and overtime analyses which enabled the company to set priorities and address the root causes of the findings. To address the challenge of freedom of association, Vaude has enrolled 18 of its suppliers in China and Vietnam in FWF’s Workplace Education Programme.
All five complaints filed by workers were followed up on immediately and adequately; three have been resolved and two are still in process of remediation.Vaude has taken the lead in following up corrective actions and complaints at shared suppliers with other FWF members.
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