VAUDE Performance Check 2018

VAUDE has shown advanced results on performance indicators and has made exceptional progress. The company has consolidated its supplier base in recent years, limiting itself to a select number of nominated suppliers, predominately in China and Vietnam and more in (Eastern) Europe. A structured and detailed evaluation of suppliers forms a crucial basis for sourcing decisions.

Through audits conducted by FWF teams, meeting monitoring requirements for production sites in low-risk countries, and conducting audits in countries where FWF is not active, VAUDE has kept its monitoring threshold at 100% of its 2017 production volume, which meets FWF requirements for brands at 3+ years of membership. This, combined with a benchmarking score of 94, means that FWF has awarded VAUDE ‘leader’ status.

VAUDE has established strong, integrated systems at the company level. Due to the presence of full-time staff in Asia and frequent visits by VAUDE staff to the production sites, VAUDE’s CSR team possesses in-depth knowledge about its production sites. The monitoring and remediation of findings at the production sites is a joint effort by all staff members in close contact with these sites.

VAUDE has identified working hours, wages, and freedom of association as the biggest challenges relevant to its supply chain. Through a wage and overtime analysis, VAUDE knows how to address the root causes of the findings. The outcomes of the study encouraged VAUDE to consolidate fabric suppliers even further, resulting in the ability to split production more equally over the year. Outcomes are evident at some suppliers but need audit verification at others.

VAUDE joined FWF’s Living Wage Incubator in 2017, which creates a unique opportunity for exploring living-wage payments at sample production sites while learning from other FWF member brands. To address the challenge of freedom of association, VAUDE has enrolled almost all suppliers in FWF’s Workplace Education Programme. In Myanmar, VAUDE implemented the EU SMART project, which included factory training programmes. VAUDE adequately responded to complaints filed by workers. VAUDE reports comprehensively on its sustainability efforts through the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) framework. VAUDE has published its production sites and the addresses of these online.


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