Vietnam Complaint Jack Wolfskin, Schöffel Dec. 2016

Final report of a complaint at a factory in Vietnam supplying Jack Wolfskin and SCHöffel

On 12 December 2016, a worker filed a complaint that working hours at the factory were excessive, claiming he had an average of 90-100 overtime hours per month during the last half year. The complainant stated employees do not have time for sufficient rest or time to take care of their children.

FWF informed the involved members, Jack Wolfskin and Schöffel, who immediately contacted the supplier of the complaint. Factory management confirmed they experienced some overtime in several departments in November 2016 and stated they will pay more attention to the working hours. Jack Wolfskin and Schöffel requested additional information for setting up a remediation plan. FWF members learned that the factory has assigned a new manager to monitor both the quality as productivity and working hours. FWF’s complaints handler reviewed the documents received. In addition, the complaint handler spoke to two other employees on 22 January by phone. The interview focused on grievance system and working hours.

The investigation showed that the complaint was grounded. The working hours as described by the complainant matched the time records that were sent by factory management. It was noted that excessive overtime work was exceeding the legal limit. Interviewed workers were not aware of the factory’s policy and procedures on grievances.

FWF advises that working hours should not exceed legal limits. Factory must set up a corrective action plan to reduce overtime hours to the legal limit. FWF recommends the members to work with factory management on production planning and to train workers and management on grievance mechanisms. A training as part of FWF’s Workplace Education Programme could be a first step in raising awareness and support better communication between employees and management.


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