Vietnam Complaint Schöffel, Jack Wolfskin July 2017

Final report of a complaint at a factory in Vietnam supplying Jack wolfskin & Schöffel

On 7 July the complainant called and stated that at the factory where they work they can only sign 3-month contracts if employees are over 35 years old. Also, the worker was laid off on 1 July, allegedly due to having sent a complaint letter to the local authorities who then went on to inspect the factory and required the management to stop the practice of seasonal contracts. Finally, the worker got less holiday time than legally established, and all extra payments, including severance allowance are not confirmed. Mostly, the worker wants to continue being employed at the factory.

In the end, the factory signed a one year fixed-term contract with one of the complainants, and four out of five seasonal workers have signed a fixed-term contract as well. A second complainant had found another job after the complaint.


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