Vietnam Complaint Vaude April 2017 (Final report)


On 2 April 2017, FWF received a complaint from a worker that was employed by the factory until February 2017. The complaint is related to the unused annual leave payment for resigned workers. The complainant wished to complain on behalf of herself and one of her co-workers. Both employees resigned in February 2017, but according to the complainant the factory has not paid the unused annual leave of 2016. The complainant raised her question to her line leader and the line leader replied she did not have the unused annual leave payment in 2016 because she resigned. The complainant does not remember exactly the number of days for unused annual leave but stated she did not take any days leave in 2016.

FWF decided that the case is admissible on 4 April 2017. VAUDE informed the factory management directly and received a reply within one week. Factory management stated they paid unused annual leave on a yearly basis and not within 7 days after resignation according to law. Factory management sent several documents for review. Based on the reply of factory management, the complaint was found grounded. FWF’s complaints handler concluded the complainants have received VND 1.450,000 for the unused annual leave in 2016. FWF’s complaints handler spoke to the complainants again who also confirmed they received the payment.
However, from review attached documents and from the interview, it is noted that the complainants have received an amount lower than that in the payment record. FWF recommends VAUDE to ask the factory whether they can clarify the difference. FWF recommends the factory to pay the resigned workers directly, instead of through the factory line leader.


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