Vietnam Complaint Vaude August 2016

Final report of complaint in Vietnam at a factory where VAUDE sources – august 2016

The complainant claimed working hours in July were until 8 or 9 pm two or three times a week. According to the complainant workers were requested to leave the factory after 5 pm, check out with their fingerprint and return back to work without fingerprint timerecord registration. During those hours overtime premium would not be paid. In addition, the complainant stated the high production targets lead to high pressure. As a result, workers shorten their lunch time and continue their work. Workers are said to have requested the factory to turn off the light during lunch break in order to have a short nap for better production in the afternoon.

Overtime hours in cases of repairing a defect was not paid correctly. Given that the line leaders cannot remember which workers stayed extra time for repairing implies the regular fingerprint time-record registration was not used. It is therefore not clear which workers exactly were working the additional hours. Factory did announce to all workers they can approach HR department to request the overtime reimbursement. And the complainant confirmed the overtime hours were now paid correctly.

Complaints handler spoke to the complainant again who confirmed overtime premium was paid. Verification of reducing pressure by the high production targets that makes workers continue work during lunch time is still ongoing.

Additional workers that were interviewed in November stated they are satisfied with the improvements that took place. FWF’s complaints handler spoke to the complainant again and shared the improvements on not extending working hours and no light during lunch time were noticeable.


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