Vietnam complaint Vaude August 2016


On 29 July 2016, Fair Wear Foundation received a complaint from a worker who is currently employed by the factory. The complainant claimed working hours in July were until 8 or 9 pm two or three times a week. According to the complainant workers were requested to leave the factory after 5 pm, check out with their fingerprint and return to work without registration. During those hours, overtime premium would not be paid. In addition, the complainant stated the high production targets lead to high pressure. As a result, workers shorten their lunch time and continue their work.

VAUDE contacted the supplier, who insisted that workers normally are not requested to work overtime without payment, but a couple line leaders did not follow the regulation. Between 13 and 16 November, the FWF complaints handler visited the factory to conduct on-site and off-site interviews, and to check the records. The investigation concluded that overtime hours worked in case of repairing a defect was not paid correctly. The factory did announce to all workers they can approach HR department to request the overtime reimbursement. The complainant confirmed the overtime hours are now paid correctly, while other workers interviewed stated recent improvements have been noticeable regarding hours of work. The factory stopped extending working hours and power is shut off after 20 minutes after regular working time ends. During lunch power and light is now shut off as well and workers take a rest during lunch.

In terms of remediation, factory management must continue to ensure line leaders do not request the workers to stay longer to repair the defected garment without payment. All hours should be registered. In cooperation with VAUDE, the factory is requested to set up an action plan to reduce excessive overtime in upcoming peak seasons. A solution must be found for the high production targets that pressure workers. It is suggested to conduct a Workplace Education Programme session to raise awareness of labour rights and as a first step for dialogue between workers and management on the issue of working hours.


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