Vietnam Complaint Vaude September 2016

Final report of complaint at a factory in Vietnam supplying VAUDE

According to a complainant, workers at the factory were required to work overtime without time recording and thus without adequate overtime payment. This included women who were pregnant or breastfeeding. Allegedly workers were threatened with being fired.

VAUDE contacted the supplier and asked for a reply within one week. The supplier indicated the factory does not allow workers to start working early and work during lunch time. According to management, they do not request workers who breastfeed to stay until 5 pm. Factory indicated to have adopted measures such as no electricity before 7.30 am and during lunch time and organizing a meeting with management team to implement policy for corrective actions.

The most recent audit conducted by a FWF team in April 2016 concluded several cases of excessive overtime took place between October 2015 and March 2016.FWF’s complaints handler conducted 9 offsite worker interviews on 13 November and visited the factory for a documents inspection on 16 November. Time-records were checked, and the payroll and incentive bonuses for 4 production lines were reviewed.

Overtime hours worked in case of repairing a defect was not paid correctly. Given that the line leaders could not remember which workers stayed extra time for repairing implies the regular fingerprint time-record registration was not used.The workers interviewed as part of the investigation stated recent improvements have been noticeable regarding hours of work. Factory stopped extending working hours after working time and power is shut off after 20 minutes after regular working time ends. During lunch power and light is shut off as well and workers take a rest during lunch instead of continuing their work/repairs. Workers indicated they feel happy these improvements took place and expect it to continue.

Additional workers that were interviewed in November stated they are satisfied with the improvements that took place. FWF’s complaints handler has not been able to reach the complainant again.


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