Vietnam Complaint Outdoor & Sports Company November 2016

Initial report complaint at a factory in Vietnam supplying Outdoor & Sports Company

On 4 November 2016, a worker made a complaint that she had been working at the factory for about a year without a signed labour contract, or an employee card or health insurance card. She allegedly received payslips but couldn’t produce them for the complaints handler. The complainant claimed having been fired on 4 November, without advanced notice, and that on 5 November the worker had been told that the factory would pay the salary for October, if she agreed to work 3 days without payment.

FWFs complaint handler is currently aiming to receive evidence the worker was in fact employed by the factory. The complaint handler asked the complainant whether she could share the telephone phone numbers of her line leader, vice line leader or co-worker in order to verify that she worked at the company until 4 November.

FWF’s complaint handler called one of the complainant’s coworker who works at the factory approximately 4 months without a labour contract. The coworker informed FWF’s complaint handler she was under the impression the plaintiff was fired because she was absent for 2 days without permission (29&31 Oct). The coworker confirmed that the plaintiff has worked at the factory until 4 November, and she got fired at the end of working time.

FWF had scheduled an audit at this supplier on behalf of Outdoor & Sports in December. FWF proposed to move the audit date forward to late  November. During the audit, FWF can verify the labour contracts for all workers and further investigate this case. Payday is every 15th of the month, which will allow the audit team to verify the paid wages, including the complainant’s wage payments.


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