Performance Check 2017

In its second year of membership, has shown progress and met most of FWF’s performance requirements. It has monitored 91% of its supplier base, which exceeds the 60% requirement for the second year of membership. Therefore, has been awarded the ‘good’ category. has worked to consolidate its supply chain. It is reducing the number of its suppliers and also has a strategy in place to stop production in China. is focussing on four main suppliers in Macedonia where it actively follows up on labour standards. With these suppliers, it is discussing more complicated issues like living wages and freedom of association. could still improve on being aware of all its subcontractors and ensuring that all suppliers commit to labour standards by signing the FWF questionnaire prior to the placement of initial orders.

In 2016, developed a risk assessment of the countries in which it is active. Through this assessment, the member learned a lot about (potential) risks at suppliers. Furthermore, it provided Workplace Education Programme training at three factories, raising awareness about labour standards and the FWF worker helpline. has taken exceptional steps by publishing its supplier list in its 2016 social report. It has reported on its production locations and the improvements that the factory and are tackling. aims to be in the ‘leader’ category as soon as possible. FWF encourages the member to continue its strategy of consolidating its supplier base, providing training and taking on advanced topics like living wages and social dialogue.


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