Factories our members source from

At the bottom of this page you can search for factories that our member brands source from. You can begin your search by simply typing in a factory name or parent company name.

At Fair Wear, we believe that transparency on supplier data promotes accountability and access to remedy – crucial elements to achieving systemic change. Sharing relevant information between brands and stakeholders enhances leverage and impact of Human Rights Due Diligence efforts. 

Fair Wear Policy on Supplier Transparency

In our Supplier Transparency policy, Fair Wear expects member brands to disclose their tier 1 production locations, including both main suppliers and subcontractors. Transparency towards external parties is required at an aggregate level: production locations where Fair Wear member brands are sourcing can be found here without reference to the member brand(s) that source in those locations. 

Our new partnership with Open Supply Chain Hub

In 2022, we partnered with Open Apparel Registry‘s ”Open Supply Hub” to publish the production locations where Fair Wear member brands are sourcing from on their registry. The Open Supply Hub is an accessible, collaborative supply chain mapping platform used and populated by stakeholders across sectors and supply chains. By making supply chain data freely accessible to the public, the Open Supply Hub aims to improve human rights and environmental conditions in and around factories.

Partnering with Open Supply Hub enables Fair Wear members to access information on whether or not non-Fair Wear brands are active in a factory. We encourage our brands to cooperate with others to improve labour conditions for workers. In case of a complaint, for example, our brands can find a Fair Wear or non-Fair Wear partner in that specific factory on the map to handle the complaint together.

It is important to note that Fair Wear’s list comprises factories our member brands have agreed to disclose and does not represent the entire list of factories within the scope of Fair Wear from which our members source. We aim to disclose more factories, pending suppliers’ approval at the request of our members.

Fair Wear did not audit the list of factories. Member brands are responsible for including the factories under a monitoring system and following up on possible issues related to the Fair Wear Code of Labour Practices.

Below is Open Supply Hubs’ easy-to-use embedded map. To begin your search, type in a factory name or parent company name, or simply explore the map.