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Indonesia 2016 Country Study

indonesia COUNTRY STUDY for 2016 A significant contributor to Indonesia’s la Read more

Child labour in Turkey: How the Syrian conflict is impacting the Turkish garment sector

Child labour in Turkey: How the Syrian conflict is impacting the Turkish garment Read more

Turkey Country Study 2016

Turkey Country Study 2016 The garment industry is Turkey’s second largest ind Read more

Turkey Country Plan 2015

Turkey Country Plan 2015 Since 2002 Fair Wear Foundation (FWF) has been active Read more

Bulgaria Country Study 2016

Bulgaria Country Study 2016 Read more about the current situation in the garmen Read more

Myanmar Country Study 2016

This country study should provide a clear and concise picture of the industry, l Read more

Romania Country Study 2016

The Romanian economy suffered the blow of the 2008 economic crisis, and Romanian Read more

Factories in Myanmar supplying FWF members

FWF members with production in Myanmar are required to implement additional, cou Read more

Italy Risk Assessment 2013

Italy is one of the countries that falls under FWF’s low-risk policy. Low ris Read more

India Country Study 2016

India is, together with Bangladesh, China and Turkey, one of FWF’s priority co Read more

Turkey Refugee Guidance 2015

Guidance document for affiliates Read more

Turkey Social Dialogue Project 2013

    An experiment with Factory Training to Enhance Social Diolog Read more