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Resource types

FWF Policy on freedom of association 2011 English

FWF policy on freedom of association date: 21/12/2011Read more

Opinion paper of law firm Arnold & Porter’s on impact of EU Competition Law to FWF Living Wage Standard

Fair Wear Foundation has requested law firm Arnold & Porter’s date: 28/08/2012Read more

FWF Brand Performance Check guide 2016

Brand Performance Check guide 2016 FWF's Brand Performance Check is date: 21/12/2011Read more

Brochure on the yearly activities of FWF membership

This brochure outlines the activities that FWF members carry out ea date: 06/03/2017Read more

FWF Membership costs 2017

This document details the expenses related to Fair Wear Foundation ( date: 08/12/2016Read more

FWF membership costs 2019

It details all expenses related to Fair Wear Foundation (FWF) member date: 14/03/2019Read more

FWF Brand Performance Check Guide 2018

Fair Wear Foundation (FWF) has updated its Brand Performance Check date: 18/09/2017Read more

FWF membership application form

Please fill out this form if you are applying for Fair Wear Foundati date: 07/06/2019Read more

Factories in Myanmar supplying FWF members

FWF members with production in Myanmar are required to implement add date: 27/10/2016Read more

Work plan template for new members

This document serves as a template work plan, and is intended as a r date: 06/01/2019Read more

FWF Guidance for Members on Sumangali 2015

FWF Guidance for Members on Sumangali 2015 The Sumangali Scheme, a date: 21/12/2011Read more

FWF brochure for prospective members

This brochure serves as an introduction to FWF membership. What does date: 06/03/2017Read more