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Today – 16 November – websites around the world will go dark, out of protest and solidarity. Protest against the powers and forces that limit our universal liberties and silence us. And in solidarity with activists, human rights defenders who stand up for these freedoms. Sometimes paying with the ultimate price - their lives.

Join us in action today – go to and see what you can do.



We try to make sure this resource section of our website is always up-to-date. All documents listed can be downloaded. If you find that anything is missing or any link is broken, please send us an e-mail at and we will be more than happy to send the documents to you and/or (re-)upload them to this resource section.

Resource types

Gender Forum: One Year Later

  A publication exploring solutions for tackling gender-based date: 05/10/2018Read more

Myanmar Enhanced Monitoring Programme 2018

Read more about the Myanmar Enhanced Monitoring Programme, which see date: 17/08/2018Read more

FWF 2017 Financial Report

We are publishing our financial report separately from our annual re date: 13/06/2018Read more

FWF 2017 Annual Report

Several factors influenced Fair Wear Foundation (FWF)’s work in 20 date: 28/05/2018Read more

Breaking the Silence: The FWF Violence and Harassment Prevention Programme

Violence and harassment against women and men in the world of work i date: 17/04/2018Read more

Violence and harassment against women and men in the global garment supply chain

At this year’s annual meeting of the International Labour Organiza date: 27/03/2018Read more

The FWF Complaints Procedure 2018

This is a 2018 update to the FWF Complaints Procedure. FWF’s co date: 05/02/2018Read more

FWF 2016 Annual Report

2016 was a pivotal year in the movement to improve working condition date: 25/04/2017Read more

Indonesia 2016 Country Study

indonesia COUNTRY STUDY for 2016 A significant contributor to Indo date: 22/03/2017Read more

FWF Research Agenda 2017-2020

The FWF Research Agenda outlines a number of questions about the gar date: 21/02/2017Read more

Child labour in Turkey: How the Syrian conflict is impacting the Turkish garment sector

Child labour in Turkey: How the Syrian conflict is impacting the Tur date: 14/02/2017Read more

Turkey Country Study 2016

Turkey Country Study 2016 The garment industry is Turkey’s second date: 13/02/2017Read more