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Indonesia 2016 Country Study

indonesia COUNTRY STUDY for 2016 A significant contributor to Indo date: 22/03/2017Read more

Child labour in Turkey: How the Syrian conflict is impacting the Turkish garment sector

Child labour in Turkey: How the Syrian conflict is impacting the Tur date: 14/02/2017Read more

Turkey Country Study 2016

Turkey Country Study 2016 The garment industry is Turkey’s second date: 13/02/2017Read more

Turkey Country Plan 2015

Turkey Country Plan 2015 Since 2002 Fair Wear Foundation (FWF) has date: 12/01/2017Read more

Bulgaria Country Study 2016

Bulgaria Country Study 2016 Read more about the current situation i date: 02/01/2017Read more

Myanmar Country Study 2016

This country study should provide a clear and concise picture of the date: 30/11/2016Read more

Romania Country Study 2016

The Romanian economy suffered the blow of the 2008 economic crisis, date: 21/11/2016Read more

Italy Risk Assessment 2013

Italy is one of the countries that falls under FWF’s low-risk pol date: 27/10/2016Read more

India Country Study 2016

India is, together with Bangladesh, China and Turkey, one of FWF’s date: 26/09/2016Read more

Turkey Refugee Guidance 2015

Guidance document for affiliates date: 11/02/2015Read more

Turkey Social Dialogue Project 2013

    An experiment with Factory Training to Enhance S date: 28/03/2014Read more

Bangladesh: Interview with Rana Plaza Survivor

Bangladesh: Interview with Rana Plaza Survivor Garment worker Firoz date: 05/07/2012Read more