2021 in Review: Publications

At Fair Wear, like many others, we have been reflecting on the past year and looking forward as we accelerate our efforts to reach our vision of a garment industry where all workers realise their rights to safe, dignified and properly paid employment.  

The pandemic has continued to put immense pressure on global supply chains and has left no country unaffected. Garment workers have been particularly vulnerable to the COVID-19 pandemic and have experienced a loss of income, lack of social security and a greater risk of exploitation.

Despite the setbacks that COVID-19 has presented, we’ve achieved a lot, all with the support of our partners, members, colleagues and like-minded organisations. We have continued our work with our dedicated member brands in Europe and have been working hard on the ground in production countries.

Anticipating our Annual Report, due for publication in the coming months, below is a round-up of all our publications in 2021. From country studies to guidance for brands and factories; click through to get inspired and energised for the coming year.

  • Brand Performance Checks – These checks are a core element of Fair Wear membership. They help to ascertain how our member brands have worked to improve labour conditions and how they can develop and improve their efforts. Scroll through our membership page to find out how your favourite brands have been responding and adapting to the pandemic.
  • Mapping Social Dialogue in Apparel – A series of reports as part of a collaborative project called ‘Social Dialogue in the 21st Century’. The project focuses on what social dialogue should look like moving forward. Ten country-specific reports were published alongside an in-depth comparative Synthesis Report.
  • Brand Guide on Freedom of Association and Collective Bargaining – A brand guiding offering practical guidance, outlining in further detail the six key steps that brands can take to set and improve own practices and policies in support of these rights, and how to work with suppliers to promote these rights for their workers
  • Vietnam: Sustainability re-defined in the pandemic? – A report detailing the disruption, resilience and adjustment in the apparel and footwear industries of Vietnam.
  • Fair Wear Annual Report 2020 – Fair Wear’s annual report laying out how we worked in the previous period to protect the health and livelihoods of garment works and staff.
  • Pakistan Country Study – An internal analysis done by Fair Wear showed that Pakistan is the second most important country where Fair Wear is not active as yet. The relative importance of the country prompted Fair Wear to commission a country study of Pakistan for the very first time.
  • Romania Country Study – A country study providing readers with a clear and concise picture of the labour laws, labour conditions, and industrial relations within the Romanian garment industry.
  • Covid-19 in Bangladesh: Cost of Production and Orders and Covid-19 in Bangladesh: Impact on garment workers – Two reports commissioned by Fair Wear and conducted by South Asian Network on Economic Modelling, they researched the impact of COVID-19 on the costs of production and orders in Bangladesh.
  • Covid-19 Country Specific Updates – Detailed information and guidance on the impact of and responses to the Covid-19 pandemic for each of the production countries in which Fair Wear is active.
  • Fair Wear’s Approach to Addressing Violence and Harassment in the World of Work: Guidance for Suppliers – Supplier guidance on addressing violence and harassment in the workplace. The guideline is based on OECD Guidelines, Fair Wear Foundation’s Code of Labour Practices, and national and international regulation is designed to support member suppliers together with brands address and remediate violence and harassment at the factory level.
  • Fair Working Hours Guide – A tool that provides practical guidance to brands to address the root causes of excessive overtime within their supply chains.
  • Practical guide for brands on supply chain risks in North Macedonia – This report gives an overview of common labour rights risks and violations in the garment and footwear sector in North Macedonia.