A very special WellMade Session, presenting three years of work

If you work for a brand, whether as a designer, in merchandising, or  procurement, you can take steps to make your company’s supply chain better for everyone who works along it. And three years ago, Fair Wear Foundation designed the WellMade programme to help professionals in the garment industry figure out where to start.

On 20 January, a Special WellMade Session at Ethical Fashion Show Berlin marked the closing of a cycle. Throughout three years Fair Wear Foundation staff travelled around Europe spreading the WellMade message at fairs, but also during in-house sessions at companies. Last evening FWF staff shared the knowledge they accumulated throughout the years at an interactive and dynamic Q&A session.

Hendrine Stelwagen led the discussion, which began with a short introduction to the idea of WellMade. “These are garments made by people who have access to the same rights as you or I”, said Sophie Koers.

The challenge was, of course, how to present this visually to a very diverse audience. And that’s where Ruben Steeman from BuroRuSt came up with the idea of “naming all actors, so you can look at how one decision affects the lives of others down the chain.”

FWF’s Annouk Post and Vera Köppen then captured the audience’s attention with concrete examples of how simple actions like setting up a printer at the factory, or being more aware about how colour changes lead to overtime at factories, can really make a difference.

It all began at Ethical Fashion Show Berlin, and so this was the only place where the WellMade sessions would come to a close. The very special session ended with the presentation of the WellMade publication Improving working conditions in your clothing supply chain. The first copy was presented to Bernd Muller from Messe Frankfurt, as a sign of appreciation for their support for the project.

Even though the WellMade sessions have come to an end, Fair Wear Foundation, convinced of this approach, will continue working to bring the WellMade approach to interested brands and other stakeholders.

Fair Wear Foundation was lead partner in the WellMade programme, and thanks all the partners for their support. The WellMade project would not have been possible without the generous support of the European Commission.

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