Annual Report 2019

We are proud to share our annual report of 2019 in which you can find the step we have taken to help improve the working conditions of the people who make our clothes in 2019. Together with our member brands we continued to taking practical steps to tackle complex problems in the global garment industry and to create real impact for garment workers.

Last year, almost 40% of our member brands achieved the ‘Leader’ status in our 2019 Brand Performance Checks.

This means they were performing well according to our Fair Wear indicators and are doing and are showing best practices in complex areas, such as the payment of living wages.

We believe that all levels of the supply chain can help improve the lives of garment workers. That’s why we reach out to different actors in the industry from brands, agents, governments to consumers. Therefore, we also focused on political engagement and collaboration:

  • Last year we supported our partners in Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Myanmar, and Vietnam in promoting social dialogue and advocating better laws and regulations on workers’ rights.
  • We lobbied in the Netherlands and in production countries for the adoption of an International Labour Organization convention on violence and harassment in the workplace.
  • We showcased several member brands’ sustainability efforts and promoting labour code improvements at a fashion show in Vietnam, opened by the Dutch prime minister.

These are just a few highlights of what we have achieved last year to make a positive change for the global garment industry. Curious to learn more about our activities in 2019? Download the full report here.

This report includes all activities of Fair Wear of last year in 2019. Early in 2020 the Covid-19-pandemic had a huge impact on the industry, and therefor on our focus and activities. Find more information about our guidance and activities in our Covid-19 dossier,  which we will cover in the Annual Report 2020.