Blog: Annabel reports from Vietnam

FWF’s Annabel Meurs travelled to Vietnam to talk to stakeholders about a new factory training programme.

“My Asia summer trip (boiling temperatures) started in Bangkok this time where I visited a former colleague.  At the time of writing I am sitting in a coffee bar in Ho Chi Minh City, trying to work while following Wimbledon and World Cup matches at the same time.

The aim of my trip in Vietnam is to explore ways for setting up a factory training programme similar to FWF’s Workplace Education Programme in China, India, Turkey and Bangladesh. With increasing business coming to Vietnam, we receive more and more requests from our members and stakeholders to further develop our activities and network here.

Dealing with disputes

That means I need to find the right people to be part of FWF’s training network. Among others, I had meetings with the Dutch Embassy, the Vietnamese employers association VCCI, the Research Centre for Labour Relations, FWF’s local complaints handler and audit team and ILO Better Work.

According to our stakeholders the momentum is there to work with managers and workers in garment factories on dialogues structures. With a training programme in Vietnam, FWF will continue to work on building in-house capacity of factories to deal with disputes and to raise awareness of labour standards.

The next two days I will observe a 2 day audit at a factory near Ho Chi Minh before heading off to Shenzhen and Hong Kong.”

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