Closing the year in style: two Young Designers join Fair Wear

FWF welcomes the Austrian Gebrueder Stitch and the Belgian BambooBelgium to its Young Designer programme. Both brands are willing to learn and exchange experiences on increasing sustainability, although their products could not be more different.

In the heart of Vienna, Gebrueder Stitch is dedicated to producing tailor-made jeans that are customised exactly to your preferences and to your body. Each pair is unique in design and materials, and is built to last.

Bamboo Belgium takes another approach to sustainability. Fina Vanbuel, seen in the picture signing the Code of Labour Practices, designs clothing items for women, men, and children. They are made incorporating bamboo fiber into the mix.

What these two Young Designers have in common is the will to transform their business practices and incorporate FWF’s Code of Labour Practices in their supply chain.

According to Michael Lanner, co-founder of Gebrueder Stitch: “Gebrüder Stitch wants to be the best, most (profit+socially) sustainable and exciting jeans company on the planet – one that fundamentally changes the way the jeans business is done today. To make this goal for social impact visible and gain external expertise in the field, we strongly believe that collaborating with FWF is our best choice.”


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