Fair Wear, the CCC and a new form of collaboration

In 1999, the Clean Clothes Campaign (CCC), alongside trade unions and employers’ associations, was one of the co-founders of Fair Wear Foundation. In these 25 years, a lot has been achieved and yet there is so much more to be done to realise the goal both organisations share: full realisation of workers’ rights in the garment supply chain.

With the advent of due diligence legislation and binding agreements like the International Accord for Health and Safety, both organisations are committed to ensure regulation delivers actual impact for workers. In view of their complementary roles, the CCC has decided to focus its resources on its campaign work and its work pushing for legally binding agreements that empower workers and hold companies to account. Fair Wear’s focus is to push the bar on how due diligence can be implemented in practice to improve working conditions and realise workers’ rights.

In this context, the CCC will no longer contribute to Fair Wear’s work through its governance structure, but the two organisations will continue to work closely together; both at the central level and through the many linkages between Fair Wear teams and the CCC network in production countries. The CCC’s network of members and partners are not in any way precluded from continuing their engagement with Fair Wear.