Country study Vietnam online

The country study Vietnam 2015 is online. The study provides general information, an overview of the garment industry and insight into the implementation of labour standards.

Vietnam is becoming an increasingly important country in garment exporting. The textile and garment sector is one of the country’s largest industries and a key contributor to its economic growth. Vietnamese textile and garment companies employ an estimated 2.5 million workers. Fair Wear Foundation has been active in Vietnam since 2006.

Freedom of association remains the most challenging problem for Vietnam. Workers are not allowed to establish independent trade unions of their choice, as all enterprise unions must be affiliated to the Vietnam General Confederation of Labour, the only recognised union in the country. The second biggest challenge in the Vietnamese textile industry is excessive overtime.

In 2014 FWF started piloting the Workplace Education Programme in Vietnam, organizing factory trainings in all provinces. The trainings aim to raise awareness of both workers and managers of their rights and responsibilities and to build better communication between workers and management.

Read the Country Study Vietnam here.

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