Covid-19: Fair Wear endorses global Call To Action

Fair Wear endorses the Global Call To Action, developed by global social partners in the garment industry: the International Organisation of Employers, ITUC and IndustriALL.

The Call To Action, which can be downloaded here, is a call to generate action from across the global garment industry to protect workers’ income, health and employment. It also calls for support for employers, to help their businesses survive the COVID-19 crisis. By endorsing the Call To Action, Fair Wear pledges to implement the commitments in the document, and to advance the priorities through individual and collective action. Our first action can be found here: a statement by twelve organisations calling on businesses and governments to implement the values of the Call to Action.

Collaboration across the industry is necessary to support these objectives. We must not only provide emergency support now, but also establish sustainable systems of social protection and responsible business practices for a more just and resilient garment industry. We call upon Fair Wear member brands to also express their support by endorsing this Call To Action. In this spirit of solidarity, we will follow up with our members, cooperate with like-minded organisations and engage with the working group convened by the ILO.

Read the Call To Action here.

For more information and guidance on the impact of Covid-19 on the garment industry, read our Covid-19 dossier.