Director Erica van Doorn leaves Fair Wear

After nine years as Director of Fair Wear Foundation, Erica van Doorn has decided to step down. Under her leadership, FWF has grown into an innovative and comprehensive labour rights organisation.

In 2008, Erica began as one of seven FWF employees.  In the past nine years, FWF membership has grown from 35 to 85 member brands.  ‘Most FWF member were Dutch brands’, Erica remembers. Now, FWF has member brands in nine European countries.

Measure and report
Erica considers the annual Brand Performance Checks as one of the most important developments of the past nine years. ‘When FWF started, our supply chain approach mainly focused on supporting brands in their efforts to improve labour conditions. Over the past years we have developed a rigorous methodology through which to measure and report on their results as well. It was unlike anything else from similar organisations,’ she says.

As a multi-stakeholder initiative, stakeholders have always played a central part in FWF’s policies. Erica: ‘From the beginning onwards FWF has tried to work together with companies and other actors in the garment industry. We have built bridges and acted collaboratively wherever possible, always with a positive view.’ In 2016 FWF became part of the Strategic Partnership for Garment Supply Chain Transformation.

Here at FWF, Erica’s enthusiastic ambassadorship, open mind, and hands-on mentality will be missed. We wish her the best of luck in this next phase of her professional life.
In the process of finding a new director, an interim group will be taking over Erica’s tasks.

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