Dutch minister receives Fair Wear Formula

On 26 May, the Dutch Stop Child Labour campagne presented a manual for companies to the Dutch Minister of Foreign Affairs, Maxime Verhagen. The meeting was hosted by FWF affiliate McGregor, in one of their stores in the heart of one of Amsterdam’s prime shopping locations.After the presentation, the Minister discussed the various things companies can do to fight child labour with trade union leader Agnes Jongerius and with Kees Schimmel, director of McGregor and Jef Wintermans, director of Modint, the Dutch business organisation for fashion wholesalers.

Among the topics that were discussed, were questions like ‘what should a company do when child labour is found at one of its suppliers?’ and ‘what is the best way to prevent child labour?’ Paying their parents a living wage, making schools more accessible and intergovernmental dialogue were just some of the answers discussed.

FWF director Erica van Doorn also took part in the discussion and presented copies of the Fair Wear formula to both the minister and the union leader.

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