Factory-based training in Italy

The last week of September, international verification coordinator Henrik Lindholm travelled to a jeans factory in Italy to oversee a training he organised for FWF affiliates.

The aim of the training was that participants would be able to better follow up corrective action plans when visiting factories. Staff from affiliates working in Italy, Portugal, Switzerland, Sweden and Romania attended the two day training, ensuring interesting exchanges of experiences.

Doctor Bobby Joseph, FWF’s health and safety specialist and auditor trainer, led the training, while local auditor Melisa Cerizza shared experiences from auditing in Italy and Portugal.

During the training, participants learned about the practical aspects of factory auditing on the spot in the factory. They also participated in discussions and practical exercises. The focus countries of the training, Portugal and Italy, are what FWF define as low risk countries. This means that even if full audits are not necessary in these countries, affiliates should know country specific risks and be able to follow up on these.

This was the first time FWF offered a factory audit training specifically targeting affiliates’ staff. Because of the focus of the training, FWF affiliates sourcing in Italy and Portugal were invited to participate. There was a big interest in the course and shortly after sending out the invitation all fifteen places on the course were taken. Evaluations showed that many of the participants were very interested in receiving more trainings from FWF. FWF is already in the process of developing more training modules for affiliates and their staff which will be launched during the first half of next year.

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