Fair shopping for Christmas? Magazine showcases Fair Wear brands

When we buy clothes, we tend to focus on price and quality and forget the people who made them. It’s time for a change! We need to value our clothes and the garment workers behind them. At Fair Wear we’re working towards making fair clothes the new normal. And in the meantime, we’ll get you up to speed with some fair fashion shopping tips. Conscious Christmas shopping starts with FAIR magazine.

In twenty pages, FAIR provides everything from a shopping guide for great party outfits to a checklist for looking at brands more critically. From viewing, reading and listening recommendations to a large fair fashion brand index. The magazine was produced by our partner Mondiaal FNV. The editor-in-chief is Dutch fast fashion enthusiast When Sara Smiles.

So, if you are planning to shop this Christmas, buy consciously. Read FAIR magazine or check if a brand is linked to an independent organisation (like us!) that holds a brand accountable for its social and/or environmental sustainability efforts. If you buy from a Fair Wear member brand, you can be proud to support a brand that is working hard to improve the lives of the people who make your clothes.

In the coming weeks, we’ll offer tips on how to shop more consciously. Follow the hashtag #peoplefriendlyfashion and #wearfair on social media, and visit www.peoplefriendlyfashion.com to learn more and find ethical brands. And if you’ve bought something from a brand that’s trying to do better, share your purchase with us on social media using #peoplefriendlyfashion.