Fair Trade organisations join forces

To stimulate growth of Fair Trade, ten organisations working together in a ‘Fair Trade Alliance’ applied to the Dutch minister for development cooperation for funding. The five Fair Trade organisations applying for the funding are the ‘LVvW’ (Dutch association of world shops), Fair Trade Original, Fair Wear Foundation, ICCO and the Technical Assistance for Sustainable Trade and Environment (TASTE) foundation.

In addition to the five organisations applying for funding, the Fair Trade Alliance also comprises five ‘cooperating’ partners: Max Havelaar foundation, FairConnect, FairMatch Support, FaiRSupport and Centrum Mondiaal. With these partners, the Fair Trade Alliance boasts a broad network of relations and partners in developing countries, as well as ensuring a widely supported network and high consumer outreach within The Netherlands. The Alliance is applying for 40 million Euros for the period 2011-2015.

Well known brands and dynamic newcomers

The alliance is a mix of well-known organisations with strong brands and young participants with innovative concepts. Each with their own expertise, their own role and each innovatively combining product and market. Together, these organisations know the market and have strong ties with businesses, universities and research institutes, NGOs and political and government organisations. The individual organisations are strong. They are convinced that this unique new structural cooperation will greatly enhance the effect of their efforts towards Fair Trade.

Fighting poverty by using market opportunities

The programmes of the Alliance will be implemented in developing countries, internationally and in The Netherlands. The cooperation will develop from a number of geographical areas and product categories which the alliance believes to have the best chance of success.

Fair Trade

Fair Trade between ‘Northern’ markets and ‘Southern’ producers has received international recognition as an economic model for development. The production countries themselves also increasingly view Fair Trade as a viable model for development. For this reason, the Alliance focuses on growth of Fair Trade in Southern markets.

More information:

For more information about the Fair Trade Alliance, please contact the LVvW, Daniëlle de Jong, T +31-345-479250, M +31-6-17688118, E [email protected].

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