Fair Wear Annual Report 2021: Scaling up and accelerating progress

At Fair Wear, we are currently in a period of scaling up and accelerating progress, and we are proud to see this reflected in the many achievements and milestones reached throughout 2021. Read more in the Fair Wear Annual Report 2021 that has just been published.

The past two years have highlighted the crucial need for improved purchasing practices and for stakeholders within the sector to operationalise their Human Rights Due Diligence (HRDD). Our Annual Report 2021 lays out how we have taken these needs on board in our activities and strategic direction.

In the report, you can:

  • learn about our new ‘risk-based approach’ and what that means for our day-to-day work and overall impact;
  • find out how we are continuing to drive brand action and monitor and address risks through new, innovative tools and initiatives;
  • learn how our remediation and prevention work has been scaled up and how we are decentralising our work to boost representation on a localised scale;
  • browse through our many publications and events from 2021;
  • read about the firm partnerships that we have cultivated and grown throughout 2021;
  • and much more.

Every action we take is a step toward the world we want to see

A world where garment workers see their human rights realised, where change is driven through freedom of association, and the global value chain a source of safe, dignified and properly paid employment.

We’re already halfway through 2022 and pushing our work further and raising the bar for our committed members and stakeholders. Looking back at the many activities and achievements of 2021 gives us the motivation and drive to take this work to the next level.