Fair Wear mentioned in Textilbündnis annual report

Every year, the Partnership for Sustainable Textiles (Textilbündnis) releases a report highlighting key facets of the Partnership’s work from the previous year.

In its 2018 report, under the section ‘Priority Areas in 2018 – Activities in the spotlight’, is an interview about living wage with the Partnership’s Deputy Chairman, Frank Zach.

In the interview, Mr. Zach is asked how we can resolve the dilemma of living wages. His response names Fair Wear as the organisation that initially put the issue of living wages on the agenda, only for it now to become a key priority.

“The various stakeholders can only impose fair wages and good practices along the global supply chain if they work together. This notion is the starting point for the Textiles Partnership’s work and initiatives like Action, Collaboration, Transformation (ACT). ACT is taking on a leading role when it comes to living wages. A number of years ago, the Dutch Fair Wear Foundation also identified this issue as relevant and put it on the agenda – and today it is a priority in the textile industry.”