Fair Wear welcomes Jyrki Raina as new board member

Fair Wear warmly welcomes Jyrki Raina to our multistakeholder board, as a new member from the trade union constituency.

Jyrki is the former General Secretary of IndustriALL Global Union, a chief pioneer of the Bangladesh Accord and the Global Framework Agreements. Jyrki’s career has been motivated by his belief that all workers should earn a living wage and enjoy adequate universal social protection. He brings with him invaluable experience of working on freedom of association, collective bargaining and living wages in the garment and footwear industry – critical components of Fair Wear’s work.

“I’m glad to join the Fair Wear board and continue my engagement in the global garment industry. Due diligence and reporting are becoming more mandatory, and small and medium-sized brands will need more support than ever on their sustainability journey. I will work with the Fair Wear team to help find win-win solutions for thriving businesses and decent working conditions with living wages for workers.”

We are delighted to be joined by Jyrki, a dedicated and experienced trade union representative, in our mission to make the global garment supply chain a source of safe, dignified and decently paid employment.