Fair Wear Welcomes Schöffel PRO, Deerberg, Mads Nørgaard and e5

We are happy to announce that as of the 1st of April, Fair Wear welcomes four new members: Schöffel PRO, Deerberg, Mads Nørgaard and e5.

Schöffel PRO is a department of the well-known ski and outdoor brand Schöffel that is geared towards fulfilling individual customer requirements. One of the market leaders in the field of functional sportswear, is committed to its own origins, the region, and the employees. Schöffel is one of the few large clothing companies in Germany that still trains tailors and has the entire collection developed in-house, from design to series production. 

Deerberg has made fashion for over thirty years, with heart and with respect for people and nature. The love for comfortable, beautiful clothing, natural materials and careful workmanship. For them, sustainability is not an abstract term. By using their natural resources responsibly, Deerberg wants to keep the world livable for future generations. They are mindfulness is not only towards nature but also when dealing with one another.

‘At Mads Nørgaard we are deeply in love with fashion and the changing of times.’ They wish to make beautiful clothes and well-processed clothing, created under reassuring work conditions. Clothing that will hopefully last a little bit longer, both in fashion and durability. Ultimately fashion is meant to free you, not overrule or control you. What you wear should support you in your ways and belief.

For over 40 years, e5 has been much more than an ordinary clothing store. It is a warm meeting place where there is room for personal contact and service. The customer is central and is part of a large family of people who love beautiful stylish things. e5 stands for fashion with respect for people and the environment. With their 5 ‘nodes’ they deliberately focus on sustainable fashion now and in the future. Because whatever your style is, e5 makes sure it is sustainable.

The first Brand Performance Checks for the new member brands will occur after one year of membership and be published on their respective brand pages.