Fair Wear's Statement on the Delay of the EU Commission's Due Diligence Legislation

Fair Wear Foundation laments the recently announced delay by the European Commission in publishing its Corporate Due Diligence legislation.

It was not only scheduled to be presented before the end of 2021 but also impatiently awaited by a wide range of stakeholders such as CSOs, trade unions, European governments, workers, and pioneer businesses in the field of human rights. In the months of preparation leading up to this point, these parties, including Fair Wear, have been successfully advocating for introducing an ambitious legislative proposal and have emphasized its urgency. For that reason, we were hopeful and had high expectations when we saw the EU take such promising action to draft binding legislation to create a level playing field.

Hence, the delay is disappointing. We are also concerned by the lack of transparency on the reasons for the delay, which is up for speculation for now. The implications thereof are severe and far-reaching. The delay of the Sustainable Corporate Governance legislation risks losing valuable time before making progress towards setting rules for fair and responsible business conduct.

In the meantime, we are delighted to hear that the Netherlands have announced that they will begin preparing a national due diligence law following the example of other countries such as France and Germany, which have recently done the same. We hope that these individual initiatives of each country will urge the EU to make progress on introducing the legislative proposal as soon as possible.