Fire in factory Bangladesh: FWF member Takko responds

FWF member Takko has responded to the fire that broke out in a factory in Bangladesh on Tuesday. It sourced clothing from a factory that is owned by the same company as the factory that was on fire. Takko expressed its sorrow for the victims and commits to engaging with the parent company to see what can be done to improve fire safety at all its facilities.

The tragedy happened in the Aswad Composite Mill factory, owned by the Palmal Group. Takko has done business with two other Palmal-owned factories in Bangladesh, both situated in a different location than the factory where the fire broke out.

The two Palmal factories Takko sourced from have been visited and audited multiple times. Takko joined Fair Wear Foundation in 2011. The fashion brand audited 70 factories in Bangladesh last year. Takko: “This incident shows, however, that the improvement of the safety situation in Bangladesh is a lengthy process.”


Fair Wear Foundation will soon perform independent risk assessments at all factories in Bangladesh that supply its member companies, including all Takko’s suppliers. Training, including fire safety training, will also be provided to all of the factories. These activities will be closely aligned with the Accord on Building and Fire safety.

FWF thinks it is extremely important that member brands are transparent about the progress they are making in improving working conditions. If problems are found in the supply chain, FWF urges brands to stay and remain engaged while working on improving conditions.

To find out more about Takko’s membership to Fair Wear Foundation, check out FWF’s Brand Performance Check 2012.

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