It is not uncommon for people to ask online and at public events ‘How is Fair Wear Foundation different from Fair Trade?’ or ‘Is FWF the same thing as Fair Trade?’ While it is valuable to recognise the distinctions between these approaches, it is also important to recognise how much they have in common. In fact, it may be consumers’ recognition of the common goal we share at our core – i.e. fair treatment for the people who make the goods we use – that leads them to ask this question.

FWF has always had a close working relationship with Fair Trade organisations: fair traders sit on our board and are involved in our multi-stakeholder efforts at the local level. And, as both FWF and Fair Trade mature, we are finding new opportunities to work together. So the response to such questions is: ’FWF and Fair Trade differ in some significant ways. Yet these differences – combined with shared core values – are what make the two approaches complementary.’

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