Fair Wear Annual Conference 2014: Location Matters

FWF’s Annual Conference 2014 has kicked off on Friday. This year’s theme: Location Matters. Over 120 brands, stakeholders and staff members from all over the world have come to the Amsterdam MC Theater to join the event.

During the conference the risk factors in FWF’s four priority countries are highlighted, inlcuding Turkey. FWF country representative Ceren Isat will discuss the relevance, benefits and challenges of supporting trade unions in the Turkish garment industry.

Forced labour
Ding Hong Liang, owner of the Chinese member factory HempFortex, will explain his vision for countering extreme overtime work – a significant risk factor in the Chinese clothing industry. For Bangladesh, the focus will be on Building and Fire Safety. Country repesentative Suhasini Singh will speak about forced labour in India.

“Actually, location shouldn’t matter at all”, explains FWF director Erica van Doorn, “it doesn’t matter where you work, everyone has the same rights. But to achieve that goal as a brand, you need to be on top of the specific problems in a given country, and the local context”.

And the winner is…
This year too, the Best Practice Award is an important part of the conference; an opportunity for member brands to show that they’re doing something that is newer, smarter, more effective or simply easier than what FWF asks them to do.
Stay tuned on Twitter (#fwf14) to find out who the Award winner is!

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