Fair Wear approach applied to Fairtrade cotton supply chains

What happens if you apply FWF’s methodology to Fairtrade cotton supply chains? In a ground-breaking pilot project by Fairtrade International and Fair Wear Foundation, the two organisations explored the possibility of applying the FWF verification approach to the factories where the cotton is made into fabric.On Monday 17 October, FWF and Fairtrade International will present the preliminary findings from this pilot project during a Fairtrade International stakeholder meeting. A last set of audits covering the ‘ginning’ part of the process – where cotton seeds are separated from the fibre – will take place in November, which is the ginning season in India. FWF aims to publish a final report of the pilot by the end of the year, which will also include yarn spinning, dyeing, weaving/knitting and sewing facilities, all of which were audited over the past few months.

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