Fair Wear at A+A this week

FWF staff will be visiting the booths of FWF members at the A+A trade fair this week, and will present WellMade sessions on 6 November.

A+A is one of Europe’s major workwear trade fairs, and FWF staff will be present for the entire 4-day run of the event.  Email info [at] fairwear.org or call the office if you are interested in speaking with an FWF staff person during the week.

FWF is also very pleased to be presenting WellMade sessions on 6 November in German (12:45) and English (13:20).  WellMade is designed for professionals in the apparel industry – from designers to salespeople to developers – who are interested in learning more about what they can do to help improve conditions in their company’s supply chains.

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