Fair Wear awarded major Human Rights Fund grant by Dutch Foreign Ministry

Fair Wear Foundation has been awarded a major grant by the Human Rights Fund of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The project, entitled Operationalising the UN ‘Protect, Respect, Remedy’ Framework in the Garment Industry, will be supported by the fund for four years.

Two major activities will be undertaken as part of the project:  FWF’s worker complaint mechanism, which allows garment workers to report factory problems, will be strengthened and expanded in India, Bangladesh, China and Turkey.  The project will also support better implementation of factory-level grievance procedures through worker and management trainings.

FWF will also develop a new system to make FWF’s reporting on the progress of member companies easier to use and understand.

The Protect, Respect, Remedy framework, developed under the leadership of United Nations Special Representative John Ruggie, articulates the human rights responsibilities of businesses and governments in light of the realities of modern, internationalized supply chains. The project is designed to provide a functional model of how core elements of the framework can be implemented in the garment industry and other industries with similar supply chain structures.