FWF conference in India well attended by stakeholders

About 40 participants from Bangladesh and South India have travelled to Bangalore to attend a conference on reducing violence against women in garment factories. The event, organized by Fair Wear Foundation, was set up to share information and experiences on preventing and reducing workplace violence.

During the regional conference in India, issues on workplace communication, workers committees, harassment, internal grievance procedures in factories and external complaint handling were discussed. NGO’s, trade unions, academic institutions, CSR consultants and factory managers attended the conference.

A representative from the UN Women’s Economic Empowerment Team gave a key note speech about the new Indian law on sexual harassment of women in workplaces. Two workshops were held on FWF’s  Workplace Education Programme. “The trainings are useful, not only for workers at the factory but also for workers’ personal lives”, one of the factory managers commented.

According to FWF’s international verification coordinator Juliette Li, the conference was a success. “Factory managers from Tirupur had really made effort to join the meeting. They travelled no less than 12 hours.” The participants have been ‘very open and sharing’. “We have had detailed discussions on different issues. Points of concern were addressed in a friendly atmosphere.”

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