Fair Wear contributes expertise to the 2015 Gender Academy of the ILO

One of the issues on which FWF focuses is the prevention of violence against women in the workplace. Its methodology to better understand the root causes of the problem was shared during the 2015 ILO Gender Academy at the ILO Training Centre in Turin, Italy. There, FWF hosted a session on preventing and responding to gender-based violence in global supply chains.

Violence against women in the workplace, whether for garment or other workers, remains a problem around the world. According to the UN, 1 in 3 women and girls globally experience some form of physical or sexual violence in their lifetime. And the damage is not limited to the women who are subjected to violence. Progress towards international solutions to eradicate poverty or combat HIV/AIDS, for example, is slowed down by the lack of participation of, and the disregard for, women’s experiences.

The methodology used by Fair Wear Foundation in its project to prevent Violence against Women was showcased as a good example of how women are empowered: playful interactions help them reflect on their feelings towards their family and their work. During the session, FWF trainer Kona showed the practical application of the art focus groups, and explained how they can help understand the root causes of violence against women.

One of the results of this methodology was the 2013 publication Standing firm against factory floor harassment: preventing violence against women garment workers in Bangladesh and India.

Other publications, including one on the art focus group methodology, will follow as Fair Wear Foundation continues working towards the eradication of violence against women garment workers in the workplace.