Fair Wear extends programme to reduce workplace violence in India

FWF will be working in South India to further reduce violence and economic discrimination against women in garment factories. With support of the EU delegation in India, FWF will provide trainings for line supervisors.

The trainings intent to demonstrate that women can serve effectively as supervisors in garment factories, thereby helping to change a widespread culture of discrimination. In most garment factories being a supervisor is considered a man’s job. Women workers don’t see themselves in that role.

Indian law
The trainings also aim to provide male and female line supervisors with the human resources skills and knowledge of Indian law needed to reduce harassment in factories.
Workers receive a three hour training every month. At the end of the year participants take a test and receive a certificate of participation.

The supervisor trainings are part of the Workplace Education Programme (WEP) and will be conducted by FWF’s local partners SAVE and Cividep.

Starting September, ten factories will serve as pioneers. FWF brands and factories that are interested in signing up for this programme, can contact their case manager.

The programme builds on FWF’s Anti-harassment programme, in 2011 developed by Fair Wear Foundation, Cividep and SAVE. The focus of this project is to establish ‘anti-harassment committees’ through which workers can negotiate with managers to resolve issues of harassment.