Fair Wear German Stakeholder Meeting on successes and challenges

With the Augsburg Textiles Museum as background, Fair Wear Foundation and host Brand Schöffel welcomed participants to the yearly German Stakeholder Meeting on 16 and 17 February.

The meeting is an opportunity for German brands, NGOs, trade unions, and other organisations to come together and talk about their successes, ask questions about FWF methodology, and share best practices with one another.

Throughout two intensive days, brands and Fair Wear Foundation engage on topics such as FWF’s activities under the Strategic Partnership with the Dutch government and trade unions CNV Internationaal and Mondiaal FNV.

On the first day, representatives from different organisations including NGOs, trade unions, and other associations, shared perspectives on improving working conditions from different angles.

The second day was more practical in nature, with brands presenting several cases and discussing the challenges they face, which sometimes can be as practical as language barriers.

All in all, the annual German Stakeholder Meeting is an opportunity for FWF, its members and other stakeholders to think and strategise towards unified efforts for improving working conditions throughout the supply chain.

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