Fair Wear joins Social and Labour Convergence Project

Fair Wear Foundation has recently joined the advisory group of the Social & Labour Convergence Project. By taking this step, FWF shows commitment to reducing audits through cooperation with other organisations.

Fair Wear Foundation has become a non-signatory member of the advisory group. In this manner, FWF contributes its expertise and experience on ways to include brands’ purchasing practices into assessments of labour conditions and compliance.

A two-year effort, the Social and Labour Convergence Project is seeking to develop an industry-wide, unified and effective assessment framework. The project aims to come up with one tool for the collection of data on labour conditions in textile factories.

Given the large number of audits, related costs and increasing audit fatigue, an agreement on a joint assessment framework would be a valuable step. Audits are an important diagnostic tool, but they alone will not help improve working conditions. Reducing audit costs could help direct more resources towards remediation and training to improve human rights compliance.

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